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Terms Of Service


Your reservation is not confirmed until you have paid your deposit or full payment of your reservation. We have right to refuse service to anyone at any time without casue. ILT customers are those that have paid for services and/or have been serviced by ILT staff or subcontractors. If you have not been serviced or have not paid for services to ILT you are not and ILT customer. All limousine rentals require a $100 deposit to reserve a limousine for your event. If your service amount is less than the $100 deposit then the entire amount will be charged and will not be refundable. This amount will be held as a deposit for up to three (3) months to be used on any future transportation services ILT offers at that time based upon availability. If you cancel your reservation we will hold your deposit for up to three(3) months so that it can be applied to any future limousine rental. A higher deposit may be requested on larger or longer term rentals and is at the discretion of Indy Limo Transport. We reserve the right to subcontract out any transportation services for any of our customers at any time without notice. Any issues that arise from that service must be resolved with the subcontractor that provided the service. We are not responsible for any service related issues that arise from a subcontractor service. 
You must agree to the terms of service for Indy Limo Transport in order to use our services. These terms of services are subject to change without notice. By using ILT services or their affiliates or subcontractors you are agreeing to the terms of services documented on this website or any website of Indy Limo Transport LLC. If you are provided service by any affiliates you must also agree to their terms of service and are not mutually exclusive.
Cancellation Policy
All limousine services are scheduled limousine rentals. Pictures of limousines on this site may or may not be actual limousines used for the services utilized by Indy Limo Transport (ILT) customers. ILT may substitute reserved vehicles with another size, color and/or type without notice. Scheduled limousine services must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance and there will not be any refund for any cancellation.
Flight or Service Time Changes
 In the event that the customer changes their scheduled time for airport transportation, pickup and drop off, point to point, or hourly services, this is considered a cancellation of service and ILT has the right to apply cancellation services policy (Above) to the time change reservations. ILT may make an attempt to make changes in staffing or coverage in order to assist the customer with their new time change request. ILT makes no promises to make these attempts and is determined by many factors that cannot be determined until the time change request arises. In the event that ILT cannot accommodate the change, the customer has two options. First is to make alternate arrangements with another carrier or second, request to have ILT pick up the customer at the scheduled times and the customer will wait for their regular scheduled transportation services. In the event that the customer cancels service without rescheduling services then cancellation policy will apply, ILT has the option to apply payments towards future transportation for up to 3 months at ILT discretion. 
Damage Deposit
A damage deposit of $300-500 based on vehicle reserved (vehicles larger than 10 passengers) will be placed on a temporary hold during the period of time the customer is scheduled to be using the vehicle. This deposit will be held in the event of any damages of any kind by any of the members of the party or any guests that they may have in the vehicle during the reservation period. In the event of damage this deposit will be charged to the credit card that was authorized to be used for this reservation and is non-refundable. In the event that the damage exceeds the initial $300 amount your credit card will be charged for all remaining amounts to cover the cost of the damages caused by you or any of your guests or others that were in or around the vehicle at the time of the reservation. You understand that if the damages incurred exceed the amount that is able to be charged to the credit card then you agree to pay for any remaining balances immediately. Failure to pay for your damages can result in you being turned over for collections as well as legal action being pursued. By using Indy Limo Transport for your transportation services, you agree to pay any attorneys fees and/or court costs that Indy Limo Transport may incur to pursue collecting outstanding balances or damages incurred during your services with Indy Limo transport. A $300 deposit shall be mandatory for any high riskreservation such as but not limited to: Proms, Bachelor, Bachelorette, High School Dance. ALL GRATUITIES ARE MANDATORY AND CANNOT BE WAIVED.
No reservation will be honored without the $100 deposit. A $100 deposit is required to hold any transportation reservation. Reservations are not complete until your $100 deposit has been submitted. In the event that your deposit does not clear the bank or has been charged back for any reason your reservation will be canceled and no refunds will be submitted. In the event that your deposit has been charged back from ILT and if this event causes bank, financial, or administrative fees, these fees will be passed to the customer for immediate payment. ILT is not be required to honor any reservations and may choose to pursue collections or other actions to collect fees or payments due. ILT cannot be held liable for any late arrivals to a scheduled destination for any reason. Backup transportation solutions are the customers responsibility.
Subcontractor Services
We reserve the right to subcontract out any transportation services for any of our customers at any time without notice. Any issues that arise from that service must be resolved with the subcontractor that provided the service. We are not responsible for any service related issues that arise from a subcontractor service. In the event that services are subcontracted to a secondary or tertiary transportation provider, any service related issues must be resolved by the provider of the service and ILT does not have any control over resolution of those issues. ILT may get involved to assist in any disputes but cannot be held liable for the services rendered by the subcontractor. The customer agrees to not chargeback payments made to ILT when the services were not provided by ILT for any reason.
Defamation Of Character Clause:
By accepting services by ILT and/or any of it's affiliates or doing business or engaged in activities of business or subcontractors you agree to not defame or in any way slander the name or reputation of Indy Limo Transport LLC or any of it's affiliate sites for any reason. You also agree that if you enter into this behavior or attempt to cause harm in any way to Indy Limo Transport LLC or affiliates or subcontractors that you will be charged a fee of 100% of the amount of the services or $500 whichever is greater. This fee will be charged to your credit card on file or billed by invoice to you or your company until any written, video, audio or any other content is removed from ALL locations of the internet or any network that holds this content. It is the customers responsibility to demonstrate proof that 100% of this negative content has been removed before any refunds will be honored. In the event that the credit card on file cannot be charged for this defamation, the customer and/or their representivie that posted the content will be invoiced for this fee. If the fee is not paid in full within 30 (thirty) days they will be turned to collections until the full amount is paid. The customer or their representative may have up to 30 days to remove the content from 100% of all networks, websites or any other location so that they are not assessed this fee. There will not be any written notice by ILT or affiliates and/or subcontractors that this fee will be assessed and is the responsibility of the customer or their representative to remove this content within the allowed time period defined above. Once the negative content is removed from the above mentioned sources the fee will be reversed and/or any collections will be cancelled unless there is any outstanding balance owed ILT LLC. Any damage to your credit rating is the responsibility of the customer or their representative and ILT cannot be held liable. If ILT LLC incurs any collections services fees, legal services fees or other unexpected expenses then any payments held or balances due will be used to recover any and all of these costs before any refund will be submitted back to the customer. In the event that expenses exceed the amount held then the customer will be required to pay the remaining balances. We reserve the right to report your violation of our TOS to any and all services to refute your actions against ILT LLC. We may chose to pursue legal actions against you or your company to recover any loses to our business due to your actions. 
Base Rate
The rate charged for each vehicle group reserved from ILT. The base rate is the current rate at the time of the reservation and does not include, gratuity, incidentals, damage deposits or any taxes.
Airport Pickup and Drop Off Service
Since airport runs are usually less than the $100 deposit (as long as you are within the mileage range) we will charge your card the total amount of the trip to lock in the reservation. Round trips will both be charged in full. (in the event of cancellation prior to day of service no refunds are honored but payment will be held as deposit for up to three (3) months for future reservations.
Hourly Service
All transportation services by ILT are billed in hourly increments other than airport pickup and drop off service. Any requests for partial hour billing will not be honored. Times are determined by "Pickup" and "Drop off" times which are documented by the driver by either the clock on the vehicle or the clock/watch of the driver on that transportation event. Times are not based on customer's time measuring devices for any reason. Customer may request at time of pickup to synchronize their timepiece with that of the drivers. If customer does not synchronize their timepiece at the time of the pickup then the customer cannot use their timepiece to measure accurate "Pickup" and "Drop Off" times. By hiring ILT you understand that we will bill in one hour increments plus gratuity and that any overage to the contracted services will be automatically billed to the customer for the additional time. The customer understands and agrees to these terms of service. Each additional hour of billable time will also include the mandatory gratuity applied to these overages.
Pickup and Drop Off - Non Airport
A pickup and drop off service is a low cost option to be transported from one location to another without the hourly service rate being applied. A pickup and drop off service is defined by picking up the customer at one designated location and dropped off at another. The cost is pre-calculated and must be approved by the customer prior to the reservation time. There are no additional stops allowed in a pickup and drop off service unless pre-authorized in the approved reservation.
No Show
A no show is an event where the customer has approved the reservation and does not cancel the reservation and does not show up for the pickup by ILT or it's affiliates. In the event of a no show the customer has waived any refund and the service is considered completed since the customer failed to show up for the scheduled pickup. No refunds will be honored under these circumstances for any reason. If the no show was the fault of airline or other party then it is the customers responsibility to attempt collection for these losses through those parties.
Wait Time 
Wait time is any amount of time over 10 minutes from scheduled pickup time that the driver is required to wait for the customer to enter the vehicle for transportation. In the event of a reservation having wait time applied to the cost the wait time will be billed at a one hour increment at current rate for that vehicle group. This fee is in addition to any other fees or balances owed or due to ILT.
Additional Stops
Additional stops are any events that are not pre-authorized by scheduled reservation and not documented in the reservation details. Additional stops are usually applied to airport pickup and drop off services but can be applied to any reservation if not defined by reservation details. Additional stops are charged at the current hourly rate or $25 per stop which ever is greater. Each additional stop allows a 10 minute wait time in which the customer cannot be charged a wait time status.
Premium Rate Fee
Please keep in mind that there is a $10 fee for any airport pickup service that requires a pickup either prior to 7am or after 10pm. This fee is in addition to your standard quoted rate. This fee will be added into your price at time of reservation.
Child Car Seats
Child restraint and/or car seats are customers responsibility. ILT does not offer any child seat or child restraint and is the sole the responsibility of the customer to make sure they are properly secured in the vehicle prior to transporting them in any ILT vehicle. You understand that you risk severe injury or death if you do not restrain your child with approved devices. If you choose to leave your child restraint or other car seat with Indy Limo Transport LLC and there is any damage to the equipment it is the responsibility of the customer for repairs and/or replacement. Indy Limo Transport LLC cannot be held responsible for any damages to the equipment while being stored for future services. ILT LLC does not inspect any equipment for damages prior to storage and therefore cannot determine if damage was previously existent. 
High Risk
A high risk reservation is any reservation that includes the use of alcohol during the reservation period. Any reservation that includes teenagers, bachelore, bachelorette, proms, high school dances, sporting events, or groups that occupy more than 50% of the vehicles allowed capacity are also considered high risk. Any reservation can be considered high risk at the discretion of the driver or any ILT staff.
Incidentals are any fees that can be added to the final balance before or after the service has been completed. Incidentals can include but not limited to cost of any lost or damaged glassware such as champlaign flutes, glasses and napkins or other disposable and non-disposable items. This fee can also be applied to meet and greet, parking, or any tolls incurred by ILT for the customers transportation.
Fuel Surcharge
For sedan, limousine and SUV services in the United States and Canada, the Fuel Surcharge is calculated based on the Energy Information Agency's (EIA's) published fuel pricing forecasts. Quoted amount may differ from billed amount based on forecast in effect when services are provided. Fuel surcharges for specialty vehicles, including vans, minibuses and motor coaches, will vary.
Lost or Misplaced Items
ILT assumes no liability for any lost or misplaced personal property or any other items.
ILT reserves the right to change the terms of service at any time without notice. Indy Limo Transport LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime without notice or reason for refusal of services. You may request an updated copy of the terms of service at any time by submitted a written request to SALES@INDYLIMOTRANSPORT.COM

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